World Refugee Day Highlight: The Picha Project x GoCar.

Picha Project Food

Courtesy of The Picha Project


“As They Are Putting Food On Your Table, You Are Putting Food On Theirs.”- The Picha Project.

What is your greatest challenge in life so far? Perhaps it might be something that easily qualifies as a first world problem. To some, surviving. In war-torn countries and politically unstable states, millions of people are displaced from their homes and consequently becoming stateless.

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Klang’s Hippiest Hotel For Your Next Staycation: Lax Boutique Hotel.

Lax Boutique Hotel

A weekend away doesn’t always mean flying off somewhere or spending 5 hours driving up north and, you don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet. Going on a staycation has been increasingly popular nowadays and sometimes all you want to do is get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Shell x GoCar Series: Beyond The Pumps (USJ 7, Subang Jaya)


You’ve probably wondered why the station attendant at the Shell petrol station you frequent never gets tired of smiling when assisting you at the pumps, so here are their stories. In this segment of Beyond The Pumps, we bring you the story of Nadzril, the station owner of Shell USJ 7 and how he and his team is committed to putting a smile on every customer’s face.

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Kluang Railway Station: The Pulse of a Sleepy Town.


Opened in 1915, the Kluang Railway Station has its fair share of history and it has driven Kluang town to become what it is today. Perhaps if you were to be an Anak Johor, Kluang would be familiar to Johorians as an administrative region of the southernmost state and trains are important trade vehicles of the yesteryears.

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Dear GoCar, What Are You Exactly?

GoCar car sharing

It’s been more than a year since GoCar has started serving Kuala Lumpur and being a car sharing company in Malaysia was nothing less than interesting. Through time, we’ve received questions like “Are you guys from Grab?” “What if someone decides to take GoCar and not return it?” or “Can I lease to you my extra car for your business?” and we thought it’s time to answer your questions on who we really are and what we stand for.

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International Women’s Day 2017: Be Bold For Change

We live in a world that heavily advocates for female empowerment. At GoCar, factors like gender and age don’t play a part in anyone’s capabilities. We see ourselves as equals. It’s about celebrating the freedom in doing what you love to do and being who you believe yourself to be.

This International Women’s Day, we asked the ladies on our team to share their experiences growing up around gender stereotypes with support from men and women in their lives. Their stories may surprise you. Cheryll, our Head of Operations, also explains what gender equality means to her and that #womencandoanything they are passionate about as long as they are bold in the video below.

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A Taste of Copenhagen at Kopenhagen Coffee Mont Kiara.

2017-02-05 03.08.22 1.jpg
Translated as: “WE HAVE CANDIES”.

Nothing quite screams “WE ARE OPEN” than a handwritten placard at the window of Kopenhagen Coffee and this is quite the enthusiasm you might get from the coffee you’ll be having here. Nestled between the residential towers in Mont Kiara, this cafe has quietly snuck its way into the coffee scene and the amount of attention it has garnered is self-evident on social media feeds.

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