#HumansOfGoCar: Aaron Gill

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Transcribed and edited by Maria Bernadette

Estimated reading time: Less than 2 min

“Comfortable is one word I’d use to describe Nissan Almera,” said Aaron Gill, the Head of Payments Business Solutions at Grab. About a month ago, he generously shared with us his first GoCar experience over coffee somewhere in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

It will go down as one of the most casual interview sessions we’ve had to date. He unlocked his first GoCar moment in Johor Bahru, alongside his wife and three lovely daughters sometime in August last year. 

As Aaron’s job requires him to travel a lot to several countries predominantly within Southeast Asia, he sees GoCar as his ideal option if a car becomes a requisite to commute to multiple points, whenever he is in Malaysia. What he loves most about us are the seamless booking experience and reasonable booking rates.

When asked about the general public’s mindset revolving car ownership, he feels that times have changed and people are making more practical decisions. “The current generation is different and they realise owning a car is a depreciating asset. They would rather put their eggs into different baskets for rewarding benefits in the long run,” said Aaron.

Also, being a key person in the Southeast Asia ride-hailing industry, he believes ride-hailing and car-sharing services complement each other. “If you need to travel from point A to point B, ride-hailing is a recommended option. Whereas, car-sharing is catered towards users who aim to travel to multiple destinations economically,” said Aaron.

He also added that with the recent progression in the local public transportation landscape, the first and last mile (FMLM) connectivity has improved. Nevertheless, there is always room for further improvement for a hassle-free commute.

With many convenient ways to get around, he sees or finds no reason to own a car anymore. As easy as finding a parking spot has become one of the most daunting tasks due to the increasing number of vehicles on Malaysian roads.

The over an hour interview session ended with his encouraging comment on our latest Hub2Hub service. To him, it is a great service that should be made available in various cities and states. He even booked one of our Hub2Hub cars during his last year’s Christmas trip from Petaling Jaya to Johor Bahru!

Thank you for choosing GoCar and for your precious time, Aaron. Your comments and suggestions mean a lot to us. 🙂  #HumansOfGoCar #TakeGoCar 

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