#HumansOfGoCar: Yeap Eelin

When GoCar is love. ❤

Written by Maria Bernadette

Estimated reading time: 2 min

Name: Yeap Eelin
Age: 22-year-old
Position: Intern (Customer Service/Operations)
Hobby: Loves playing dodgeball
Fun fact 1: 5 feet tall
Fun fact 2: Drives a manual car

Getting up close and personal with Eelin was one of the cutest moments we’ve ever had. Her bubbly personality never fails to put a smile on our faces since she first joined us on 25 June 2018. If you’re wondering how GoCar has been treating her in return? The picture says it all! 🙂

What impresses us more than her adorable personality is her determination to travel to work every day from Sungai Long. Yes, we are not even kidding. “I see this as an opportunity for self-development and now I have trained myself to wake up early and get to work on time,” said Eelin. You go girl!

Having found her internship placement through the job-seeking platform, WOBB, she feels GoCar has given her the space to learn new things each day. “Learning new things is certainly my cup of tea as it makes me feel renewed,” said Eelin with a smile.

Apart from being a sports junkie, she equally loves hands-on activities like coffee art.

She is also of the opinion that if you want to be exposed to things you’ve not known before, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. “I feel if your job requires you to do certain things that you’re not familiar with, you should be ready to get uncomfortable. By doing so, you allow yourself to grow,” said the 22-year-old. We couldn’t agree more!

In Eelin’s case, she has never driven an auto car before but she was more than willing to experience it by challenging herself. What may seem a breeze to us may not be the same for others. We all have our own set of challenges, don’t we? So, kudos to her for being so brave!  

Being a go-getter, she sees a lot of room for improvement in terms of self-development and believes self-confidence is the key to success. For her, Alan (our CEO) sets an ideal example on how to be a confident individual and she aspires to be like him. “I love most of the points he shares during our team weekly meeting. They are of great help when it comes to self-growth,” said Eelin.

She also looks up to her fellow teammate, Faizal, as she admires his level of patience. “Patience is one of the most important things in customer service. He shows how it is done especially when you’re handling a sensitive situation,” uttered Eelin. Keep up the good work Faizal. We are proud of you!

If you’re reading this and you happen to be a potential candidate, Eelin has a special message for you. “There’s no space for all work and no play mindset here at GoCar. Give your best at work and always have fun because that is the best fuel which keeps you going,” said Eelin with her best smile.

And to all her fellow teammates, she thanks each one of us for allowing her to explore new things. You’re most welcome, Eelin! Thank you for being part of our GoCar family. We love you. ❤ #HumansOfGoCar

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