My Four Key Takeaways From Alan’s Talk at Digi

Alan's Digi Talk.png
Alan with an impactful statement as the backdrop which reads: It’s time to be uncomfortable.

Written by Maria Bernadette

5 June 2018 would be one of the most memorable days for me as a new GoCar family member. I was given the opportunity to attend Alan’s (CEO) talk at Digi along with Ashley (Head of Marketing), to further understand the dynamics and culture of GoCar. Besides, as a Senior Content Creator, it is my duty to churn out exclusive content from inspiring events as such. Before I dive right into the intriguing parts, I want you to know that all learnings from the event are solely based on my experience as a spectator, and in no way influenced or manipulated by any individual. I truly believe that transparency earns the trust of a reader (the GoCar effect). 🙂

Alan's Digi Talk (2).png
Ashley as one of the participants during the talk.

As a new member of the GoCar team, the experience of attending the talk was sheer bliss as I could deepen my understanding of the workplace culture at GoCar. Employees are regarded as the greatest asset and above all, mutual respect is highly encouraged among colleagues regardless of hierarchy. Good culture translates to enhanced productivity and as an employee, I can certainly attest to this. Most of us (also depending on the nature of your job) spend a significant number of hours at work on a daily basis, hence, a conducive environment with commendable culture is imperative to create and preserve happy employees. Pssst…it’s also one of the best ways to minimise employee turnover rate. Just so you know.  😉

Alan's Digi Talk (1).png
The enthusiastic folks at Digi.

From the many stories and experiences shared by Alan, my four key takeaways shall always be etched in my mind to contribute to a positive workplace culture. What are they?

1. Success is a team effort

– Over the years, the world has evolved and changed for the better in many quarters which in turn conceived plenty of multidisciplinary jobs. Hence, the need for efficacious teamwork is eminently important for a business to succeed. Employees are required to interact with one another not only to achieve shared goals but also to embrace the gravity of human connection. Without the latter, life will have no meaning. This has been my mantra for the longest time.

2. Employees need to feel acknowledged

– A simple gesture of acknowledgement goes a long way. When employees are acknowledged for their performance and contribution, they’d feel valued as a person which would then increase their sense of belonging at work. I reckon, at the end of the day it’s all about inclusion.

3. Employees need to feel accepted

– In any given workplace environment, the community is made up of many interesting personalities. The uniqueness of each individual needs to be identified and respected to avoid conflicts that would derange good workplace culture. Remember, we are special because we are different.

4. Employees need to feel appreciated

‘Thank you’ is the simplest form of appreciation, but sadly underused and deliberately overlooked by a lot of people. When you demonstrate a sense of gratitude unpretentiously, you’ll have a more meaningful connection with your employees and other people around you. So, express how thankful you are today! Oh, before I forget, thank you for taking the time to read this article. 🙂

Each takeaway is constructed and phrased based on my own understanding and I hope you had a good time reading. If you reckon the article is worth sharing, do what you have to do! I’d like to take this amazing opportunity to thank Alan and Ashley for the opportunity given. Also, to all my colleagues at GoCar, thank you for making me feel acknowledged, accepted and appreciated. ❤

Now that you’ve reached the end of the article, allow me to share a story with you which made me feel acknowledged, accepted and appreciated as a GoCar member. During my second week, Ashley and I had our first lunch at McDonald’s (stop judging) sharing about our past experiences, and then realise how far we’ve come. As our conversation kept going, it only got better to a point where I shared some of my personal stories with no self-censorship imposed. There was this fear in me about the kind of impression she’ll have on me after all the revelations. I had a huge sigh of relief when she uttered these words: “I am happy you’re being as transparent as possible, this would help me to understand you better and help you in every way possible.” That exact moment, I felt acknowledged, accepted and appreciated. An amazing feeling! ❤

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