#HumansOfGoCar: Jeffrey Brown


Written by Stephen

I’m a retired international hotel operator. I’ve been living in Malaysia for a year and a half. I decided to retire here mainly to enjoy the variety of food. Also, it’s easy for my wife and me to travel internationally from Kuala Lumpur than back home in Melbourne. However, coming here and not having a car was incredibly difficult for me, because I’ve always had my own car wherever I’ve been. Then again, the cost of cars in Malaysia is very high compared to Australia. It’s about twice as much here; in fact, nearly 80% more costly. Therefore, in the beginning, when we needed to travel outside of KL, we rented cars from a normal car rental company.
But, it didn’t end up so well the first time. The car that we had was old, and the AC wasn’t working. The second time was only satisfactory. At that moment, I knew about GoCar, but I didn’t consider it because I didn’t have proper local data network set up on my phone. Hence, for our third trip, I said to myself that I got to try GoCar, and after taking a Nissan Almera for a few days, I was very impressed at how convenient and efficient the entire journey was. Since then, we’ve been taking GoCar up to Kuantan, Penang, and later down to Melaka and Johor.

At the end of the day, I asked myself, “Do I really need to buy a car?”, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it was so convenient and relatively inexpensive to take GoCar, I would’ve had an excuse to buy a car. Now, after using GoCar for about 8-10 times, there’s no way I would buy a car here. It would be an absolute waste of money. So, by taking GoCar for trips outside the city, and taking Grab for trips within the city, I can’t come up with a single excuse to buy a car, which is very annoying because I really want one.
(Jeffrey Brown, Mont Kiara) #HumansOfGoCar #TakeGoCar

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