#HumansOfGoCar: Hazim Jaafar

Hazim Jaafar.jpg

Written by Stephen

“I work as a content writer for a startup company based in Bangi, but luckily I have permission from my boss to work remotely. I wouldn’t want to travel back and forth from Wangsa Maju everyday. After all, there’s only one family car back at home, and it’s not really equipped for a long distance drive. Hence, I normally take the LRT and buses to get around places, and sometimes Grab for short distance trips. As for GoCar, I consider myself a regular user and avid supporter because for just RM99, I can get a Nissan Almera for one whole day; and to me, I can’t find any cheaper price that comes with the quality elsewhere.

Especially for the time being, I can’t afford to own a Nissan Almera or even a Renault Captur for myself. So, when there’s an opportunity for me to drive the car for such a bargain, I wouldn’t want to miss out. Personally, I don’t know when I’ll be rich enough to get my own car, especially my dream cars. But having GoCar around as a car sharing platform, people like me now have the chance to drive different cars, just to try it out sometimes and feel the bond with the car. You can judge me, but that just shows that I have a lot of love for cars.

At the end of the day, I believe GoCar is a company that really appreciates its community. They don’t leave behind their people, so much so that I actually feel like I’m part of a bigger family. Plus, I really love the content they roll out and the giveaways when they offer discounted rides and free gifts. Also, I like how active they are on Instagram, especially on Instagram Stories. In fact, I did learn a few things on writing and creative marketing when I go through GoCar’s social media.”

— Hazim Jaafar, Wangsa Maju  #HumansOfGoCar #TakeGoCar

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