#TakeGoCar At Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia Bicycles
Image via Pos Malaysia

Written by Stephen

Fun fact: Did you know that bicycles played a vital role in the history of Malaysia’s postal delivery system?

Most people may not realise this, but back in the early days of our postal service, bicycles were the main form of transportation for postmen, dispatch couriers, and special messengers. 🚴

If you’re wondering why, the primary reason is because bicycles were considered the cheapest and most dependable mode of mobility back then.

These days, motorcycles became the main vehicle of postal service instead of bicycles, all in the name of efficiency as well as wider delivery areas. Nevertheless, the glory days of bicycles are still cherished by many. 💌


Pos Malaysia Berhad is the nation’s postal service provider and has a network of more than 1,000 touch points with presence across various platforms all over Malaysia.

“Pos Malaysia Bhd’s history has its origins in the early 1800s when postal services were first introduced to the Straits Settlements of Penang, Singapore and Melaka, which then expanded to the rest of the Malay states in the early 20th century,” said former Pos Malaysia Bhd Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh.

“At the time, bicycles served as a main transportation system and a channel for the delivery of letters, documents, newspapers and trade.”

“The postal service then became a provider of multiple services,” he added.

#TakeGoCar at Pos Malaysia

Together with the role of the national postal provider, they have morphed into a conglomerate, offering supply chain solutions and financial services, competing directly and indirectly with many companies in both domestic and international areas.

That being said, there are a variety of products and services available across Pos Malaysia platforms that cater to all businesses and individuals. For instance, they have Pos Mini, PAM (Pos Automated Machines), Pos-on-Wheels & Go2U (mobile outlets), Pos Laju outlets and service centres, Pos Laju Kiosks, Pos Laju EziBox, Pos Laju Prepaid EziDrop, e-Commerce Hubs, Pos Laju EziDrive-Thru, as well as postal and stamp agents. 📮

Image via profhariz

What’s more, there are several retail services offered; such as bill payments, driving license renewals, personal insurance, vehicle shipping services, and many kinds of purchasable postal products. 

Moving forward, they endeavour to be a leading fully integrated logistics service provider offering end-to-end logistics solutions to businesses and individuals alike, whilst continuing to connect Malaysians with the rest of the world.

At the same time, they envision to connect all the people and businesses of Malaysia, be it at work or at home, both online and offline.


Similarly, we are in the business of connecting people too. Hence, for even better accessibility and convenience when it comes to daily mobility, GoCar is now available for pick-up at three Pos Malaysia outlets: 🏤

  1. Pos Malaysia Headquarters (Opposite Pasar Seni LRT/MRT)
  2. Pos Malaysia Brickfields (Opposite KL Sentral)
  3. Pos Malaysia Shah Alam (Opposite Shah Alam Convention Centre)

Picking up a GoCar at Pos Malaysia makes your agenda even more seamless as you can now run your postal errands before or upon returning your GoCar.

Download the GoCar app on your iOS or Android device and book a GoCar at Pos Malaysia for your next trip today! 📲

Want a GoCar to be deployed near you? Simply drop us a comment below or fill in the Google Form, and stand a chance to #TakeGoCar for FREE for 2 hours if your location is chosen. 😉

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