#HumansOfGoCar: John Peter

John Peter

Written by Stephen

“Everyday, I commute to my university in Damansara via MRT. I don’t have my own car for now. Normally, when I need to go out with friends or go to church in the weekends, then I’d drive my dad’s car. But when I came to hear about GoCar through an advertisement on Facebook last year, I daresay it caught my interest because first of all, I didn’t know we have a car sharing platform in Malaysia at that time; and second, as and when I need a car to travel somewhere far or make a couple of trips, I could try out GoCar.

In fact, not long after that, I had the chance to give it a go as my friends and I needed a car to head to Sepang. At first, we were planning to take Grab or Uber to and fro, but after considering the cost for the whole journey, we decided to share the cost for a GoCar instead. Hence, I proceeded to book a Nissan Almera for 5 hours. It was not only cheaper for us, but also flexible because we actually went to lepak around KLCC first and then drove to Sepang.

However, two days before the trip, I got a call from GoCar’s customer service, telling me that the car I booked will be out for maintenance on the day of booking, and then they asked if I can pick up the car at another GoCar location. My friends and I were fine with that as we can easily get to the other location via LRT. I honestly didn’t expect them to be apologetic and caring enough to actually call me in advance to inform me; because in Malaysia, you know it’s not typically the case for most customer service. Usually, I’ll be calling them on the day itself after finding out something is wrong, and only then they’ll tell me the issue; but what if I’m rushing for a meeting or running late for an event. So, I’m really glad they took the initiative to call me up earlier.”

 John Peter, Pandan Indah  #HumansOfGoCar #TakeGoCar

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