#HumansOfGoCar: Deanna Yap

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Written by Stephen

“My first GoCar experience was two years back when my car was sent for servicing the same day I was moving to a new house, and I needed an alternative mode of transporting my things over. That’s when GoCar became the best viable option for me. Even now, it provides me the flexibility that suits my independent lifestyle. I can use it whenever I need to, as long as there’s a car available at the location that I want to pick up from. I don’t have to second guess it and it’s all very seamless.

Having said that, I’m a heavy user of Grab. I usually take Grab when I’m going for short point-to-point trips. When I need to travel interstate, or go to multiple locations, then my preference is to use GoCar. This solution is perfect for people like me who have multiple things to do and don’t have a consistent schedule every week. It allows me the independence and flexibility to travel freely on my own.

Ultimately, I love the user experience of the app. Personally, what makes the app instinctive is when I think of how quickly and easily my mom is able to use it. She’s enjoying her glorious golden retirement years and finds the app super user-friendly. In fact, she’s actually a very tech-driven independent-spirit with more Facebook friends and followers than me! She goes about her normal day without needing anyone to drive her. When it’s needed, I make sure to sort out GoCar for her to zip around in. Because to me, it’s always about having the freedom of choice in what you want, when you want, and how you want it!”

 Deanna Yap, Bangsar  #HumansOfGoCar #TakeGoCar

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