7 Reasons Why Shell Is Not Just A Petrol Station.


Written by Edmund

With the recent collaboration with Shell, renting a car in Malaysia is now more convenient than before. It’s rather unconventional to hear of people hanging out at the petrol station but what if we said you can now have a lunch date or hang out at Shell? Shell petrol stations are now more than just a place to refuel your car and chances are, you may not even realise some facilities provided!

1.You can fill up your stomach

A: “Mate, let’s go for lunch.”

B: “Where?”

A: “Shell Station, down the road.”

B: what?.gif


Well, if you’re not aware of the eateries housed within certain Shell Stations, you might want to check them out.

The Bakery: Deli2go


With a myriad selection of bakeries available, sometimes killing two birds with one stone is the little happiness in life. You can drop by Deli2go for a great selection of hot bakeries and at the same time, get your car refuelled. How convenient is that!

The Cafe: The Filling Station




Who would have thought of having a cafe in a petrol station? The Filling Station serves a great selection of hot food like pasta or even Nasi Lemak. If you’re counting the calories, you can build your own bowl of salad with the available fresh ingredients at the counter. The varieties of kuih such as kuih talam and cucur udang paired with coffee or tea calls for a perfect tea time during midday too!

Grab & Go Coffee: Costa Coffee


Dubbed “UK’s favourite coffee shop, you can now taste a sip of London at the Costa coffee machine in the Shell Select Store. Grab a hot cappuccino on one of those sweater weather days or chug a cup of iced latte to beat the blazing hot weather. RM10 for a cuppa, we think prices are keen too.

2. It’s almost like a convenient store.

Pick from bread to car accessories, the Shell Select Store might just have the thing you need for a long journey ahead. Cup noodles, bottled water, potato crisps you name it, they have it. If your Touch&Go toll card is running low and credit and you want to avoid the long lines at the toll booths this festive season, walk right up to the cashier and reload your card for no extra fee!

3. You can relieve yourself!


There’s a better way than holding it in. Shell stations are committed to keeping their washrooms clean for your comfort. Don’t take our word for it! Check out the award given to Subang Jaya SS18 Shell Station for their cleanliness here.

4. You can seek refuge.


If you are injured and require medical attention or anticipating an imminent threat, the Shell Go To Safety Point (GTSP) initiative allows any member of the public to approach the staffs on duty for help. If you’ve remembered the story of the injured cyclist that approached Nadzril and his team for help, the GTSP has proved that petrol stations can do a part to the safety of a particular community too.

5. You can pick up or drop off a postal package.


Now you don’t have to miss your packages anymore! With a growing amount of automated post boxes placed in Shell Stations by Poslaju, sending and receiving a package is as seamless as picking up a GoCar. Skip the queue at the post office and the parking nightmare.

6. You can make cash rain. (Works only if you have money in the bank)


We know that withdrawing cash at the bank during lunch time can be a little chaotic. There isn’t any parking and you are expected to be back at the office in less than an hour. The MEPS machine in the Select store might just save you lots of time.

7. You can get a car wash.


Washing your car is a great form of workout but if you’re not too excited about getting a nice tan and sunburn, the car wash managed by Shell stations can get the job done for RM10 (standard saloon cars) and that includes vacuuming of the interiors too! If you are using a GoCar and the cleanliness is unsatisfactory, find out how you can be rewarded with a one-hour GoCar credit for sending it for a wash here.

If your car needs some buffing up, the guys at the car wash are able to do it at a good price too.

So if you haven’t checked out our Shell pickup points, you can start planning your journey and pick up from the nearest Shell station below:

Shell Desa Sri Hartamas

Facilities available: Costa Coffee, The Filling Station, Deli2go, Shell Select Store, washrooms, ATM, Poslaju Automated post box.

Shell Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur Cyberjaya 

Facilities available: Shell Select Store, washrooms.

Shell Jalan University

Facilities available: Shell Select Store, washrooms, car wash.

Shell SS18 Subang Jaya

Facilities available: Shell Select Store, washrooms, car wash.

Shell USJ 2 Subang Jaya

Facilities available: Shell Select Store, washroom, car wash.

Shell USJ 7 Subang Jaya

Facilities available: Shell Select Store, washrooms, car wash.

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