New Members: RM84 For A Nissan Almera On The First Day


Written by Joelle Chew

Here’s how we welcome new additions to our growing car sharing community! As a new member taking GoCar for the first time, drive a Nissan Almera for RM84 on the first day of your booking. All you got to do is apply the promo code NEWTOGOCAR at checkout.

Enjoy your GoCar experience today

Terms & Conditions

  • Booking period: 26 June 2017 to 26 October 2017
  • Travelling period: Anytime
  • Our full Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Our rates are subject to 6% GST (except for all GoCar locations in Langkawi).
  • The promo code MUST be applied upon making your first reservation.
  • The promo code will no longer be valid once payment has been made.
  • All GoCar promotional bookings (i.e. promo codes, prize redemptions from giveaways) cannot be rescheduled.
  • Reservations made for all GoCar promotions are strictly NOT refundable and/or transferable.

2 Replies to “New Members: RM84 For A Nissan Almera On The First Day”

  1. One day reservation is equivalent to how many hours of booking? Does it mean a total of 24 hours?
    Also, the allowance of 15km for one hour of reservation can only get me from USJ to PJ and what will happen if I travel more than 15km (quite definitely) during that one hour?


    1. Hi Yee Chun, thanks for reaching out. One day reservation is 24 hours, which means if you were to take GoCar at 3pm on Monday, you will need to return it at 3pm the next day. While for the hourly rate, if you were to travel for more than 15km, then you will have to pump back the additional fuel that you have used. Hope this helps.


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