5 Things to Check Off Before You Balik Kampung!

Eid Mubarak_23June2017.pngWritten by Edmund

My Balik Kampung Checklist: 

✅ Clothes ironed and packed.

 Send cat for pet boarding.

✅ Collect Baju Raya from the tailors.

❌  Sort out transportation. 😱

It’s the time of the year again for a big celebration and reunion! Whether you’re taking a long weekend away or balik kampung this Hari Raya, you’ve probably checked off some items from the list above but wait, we think there are a few more to-dos before you go! Here are 5 items we thought you might want to check it out:


  1. Book a GoCar to Balik Kampung

If you’ve not sent your car to the workshop for service inspection, don’t risk it! Balik kampung with our Nissan Almeras for RM99 per day and the spacious trunk space is sure to fit all your luggage and festive cookies too! All GoCars are sent for interval service and inspection on time. That way, you’ll enjoy your journey with a peace of mind.

2. Reload your Touch & Go before embarking.

All Touch & Go reload toll lanes will be closed during the festive holidays but you may reload at all Shell Petrol Stations, ATMs and selected merchants nationwide. Keep an eye on the Touch & Go kiosks at shopping malls like Jaya Shopping Center too!

3. Notify your neighbour about being away for Raya!

Let your neighbour know that you’ll be absent so that they can keep an eye for any unusual activities when no one’s home. Or perhaps pass a set of keys to them just in case. You’ll never know when the electrical circuit trips and you don’t want to come home to a smelly refrigerator, don’t you?

4. Be wary of stagnant water around your home.

Keep pets, not mosquitos! Put away all unutilised flower pots and ensure all buckets are emptied. Take a step further by adding some salt to the WC and close the lid too. That way, you won’t come home to a mosquito-infested house. If you’ve already done so, here’s a virtual cookie > 🍪 for being a responsible neighbour to your community.

5. Get some snacks for the road ahead.

Honestly, we can’t imagine sitting in the car for hours without having anything to munch on. If you’ve not done so, you are not too late! Drop by the nearest Shell to you and stock up on those snacks and bottled water. Oh yeah, ice-cream would be a splendid idea!

During this peak season, remember to return your GoCar on time to avoid inconvenience to the next user. Customer service will be limited from 24th to 27th June 2017 and all emergencies will be prioritised. Drive safe and get well rested before embarking on your journey. Got more tips to share with us? Comment below!


Look no further if you’re looking for cheap car rental in KL. Start booking for your trip home this Hari Raya! #TakeGoCar for only RM14.90*/hour or RM99*/day and if you’re new to GoCar, you pay only RM84* on the first day and travel anytime when you use the promo code “NEWTOGOCAR” from now to 25th June 2017.

*Effective 1 May 2017 onwards, our rates are subject to 6% GST. T&Cs apply.

|Book Now|

Want a GoCar to be deployed near you? Simply drop us a comment below or fill in the Google Form, and you can win FREE 2-hour GoCar rental if your location is chosen!

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays!

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