The Colours of TTDI Ramadan Bazaar


Written by Edmund

It’s the time of the year when our Muslim brothers and sisters begin their puasa (fasting) month, and that means the Ramadan Bazaar is back! Familiar to every Malaysian, the bazaar is one of the to-go place to score the best local Malay food and it’s where the colours of food come to life. We’ve managed to visit the TTDI Ramadan Bazaar along Sinaran TTDI and Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad and the varieties of food here was quite overwhelming. Not to mention, we’ve slapped ourselves with the question of what to eat? a few times and to no avail, our visit took longer than it should. Here is a guide to bazaar colours and if you’re able to identify these colours, you’re pretty awesome.



This is a gem! The tepung pelita is a type of sweet creamy dessert made from coconut milk and pandan. Think of the texture like crème brûlée or mousse, except better. RM3.50 for a box of five, grab that thing!

Brown and Yellow


Dedicated to all things fried and roasted, the shade of brown ayam goreng berempah (fried spiced-chicken) is no second to your favourite spicy ayam goreng from the famous fast food chain down the road.


Commonly sold by the rod side, the golden brown Keropok Lekor is no stranger to Malaysians of all age. The popular fish crackers originating from Kelantan paired with sweet chilli sauce is undeniably a great munchy enjoyed on any occasions!

Note: Consume with caution: Extremely addictive.IMG_7734

Known as Cakoi or You Tiao, these golden brown fritters goes well with coconut jam dip or even just on its own! Toss in chunks of Cakoi into rice porridge for a chewy texture or pair it with soya milk for a taste of the yesteryears.


You’ve heard of Nasi Briyani and Nasi Lemak. Introducing the Nasi Tomato, the name itself is self-explanatory and if you’re one of those ketchup advocates, the tomato flavored rice topped with Ayam Masak Merah (chicken in red sauce) demands to be brought home for iftar.


Will you just look at that colours! These are the condiments to be put together to form only the very best Nasi Kerabu. The Nasi Kerabu is a blue-colored rice eaten with fried chicken and as well as a selection of salad originated from the east coast. If you’re looking for something that is sure to tantalize your taste buds, this dish is what you need for a wholesome iftar.


TTDI’s Bazaar goer’s favorite stall would be the fried popiah! Arrive any later than 5pm will put you in a long queue. These golden brown fritters with various fillings are served with chilli jam and those crispy popiah skin will make you crave for more.

The Ramadan Bazaar at TTDI has got so much to offer! If you’re planning to join in the hype, the best time to visit would be before 5pm where traffic is less congested and the queues are shorter. At the end of the visit, we definitely brought home a feast and we were stuffed. If there’s anything we should try at any Ramadan bazaar, let us know below!

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