Shell x GoCar Series: Beyond The Pumps (USJ 7, Subang Jaya)


Written by Edmund

You’ve probably wondered why the station attendant at the Shell petrol station you frequent never gets tired of smiling when assisting you at the pumps, so here are their stories. In this segment of Beyond The Pumps, we bring you the story of Nadzril, the station owner of Shell USJ 7 and how he and his team is committed to putting a smile on every customer’s face.

Started operating in 1994 as the second Shell Station in USJ Subang Jaya, the station was named one of Shell’s pilot project known as Select Superstore. Established by Nadzril’s father, he spent most of his time hanging out at his father’s station as a kid and occasionally played cashier behind the counters. Later in the years, the station was entrusted to him in 2014 and since the handover, he was nothing less than passionate about giving the best to every customer that comes to the store. As a geologist himself, his interest in managing a station sparked during his days back in Petronas Tech University and his mission to make Shell USJ 7 a one-stop station is now underway.

Nadzril reminiscing the time he was playing with his toys at the corner of his dad’s station.

Nadzril vividly describes the glory days of his Shell Station and has brought us back in time where Subang was just a palm oil plantation. Rather sizeable, it is equipped with a juice dispenser, a pastry section known as Deli Paris, and its store arranged with a range of dry goods like rice and the things you’ll find in a mini market. Later in time, Deli Paris had ceased operations and the varieties of instore products were reduced after Giant Hypermarket had made itself comfortable few hundred meters away from the fuelling station. If you’ve been driving since the 90s, you may have checked out the big deal of the town– the fully-automated car wash machine, where you purchase a pin code over the counter and key it in the system when entering the machine. After years of operations, it was complained to be too rough and often scratched the paint job of the patron’s car and hence, it was phased out as well.

Get your car washed for less than RM10. Hand-washed!

Just like any other businesses, there will be tough times and it was the recent construction of the extended Kelana Jaya line that has affected the station’s sales by 50%. We were told by Nadzril that motorists could not access the station as roads were closed and some couldn’t find the entrance to the USJ 7 Shell station. Today, the station stands strong and customers continued to flock in after efforts to improve signage visibility was made.

Serving motorists since the 90s, and now the commuters.

As a commitment to making USJ 7 Shell station a one-stop hub, Nadzril excitedly announced to us that he plans to add some clip-ins to the station. Just so you know, clip-ins are value-added establishments such as F&B outlets, postal service or even a full fledge fast food restaurant. In no time, we will be expecting a fast food chain, a Deli-to-Go section and probably a postal pickup service and more GoCar at the station soon!

What we love about the customers-first initiatives from Shell is the Go To Service Point (GTSP) program where any member of the public can approach any Shell Stations to seek refuge from imminent threats or to receive first aid treatments. “One night, this man came into the shop with his blood-drenched arm and we quickly responded to treat his wound.” Nadzril storied. They learned from the man that he had lost control of his bicycle after hitting a pothole and was subsequently injured. On the same night, Nadzril and his team of well-trained staffs were later thanked by the man’s relatives for their commendable act of kindness.


“Maaf kalau terkejut!”

As an independent retailer of Shell, owners such as Nadzril himself constantly seek ways to make their stations stand out from the norm and one thing unique a station can offer would be the level of customer service. Customers that frequented Shell USJ 7 would recognise Nadzril and his team members for their warmth and hospitality and Mr Yuszailan, the station supervisor is one man that will be sure to make your stay a great one. Mr Yuszailan has been working at the station for 15 years now and his amiable character is what makes customers come back to the station to refuel every time. When faced with difficult customers, his commitment to providing the best customer service is unwavering.

“Walaupun customer tak sporting, campak wang, bad mood, kita sentiasa smile. Kita buat apa yang patut. Itu Shell yang ajar.”- Mr Yuszailan, Station Supervisor.

(Even if the customers are less engaging or in a bad mood, we smile. We do what we ought what to do, and that’s what Shell has taught us.)

When asked about one unforgettable moment during his employment here, he recounted on one occasion where a minor was splashed with petrol after tripping on one of the nozzle hoses and he responded swiftly by washing petrol off the boy’s skin. A simple man himself, Mr Yuszaini works 6 days a week and love being around the station because he felt a sense of belonging working together with the team and a sense of achievement putting a smile on every customer’s face.

“Seems like a loose wire down there. Not to worry!” Station supervisor Yuszailan at work.
shell usj7.png
All smiles! Nadzril, Ashley and Yuszailan

This is the story of Shell Station USJ 7 and our collaboration with Shell Malaysia means more convenience when picking up a GoCar, grabbing a quick snack or refuelling before you return your GoCar. Think you’ve got a suggestion? Drop it in the comments section below or holler at us at!

Disclaimer: Not an actual station attendant. Illustration purposes only.

Come back soon!

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