When Was The Last Time You Went To Genting Highlands?

Written by Edmund

This resort among the clouds is no stranger to Malaysians of all ages and since the day it was first established. If you’ve not visited Genting Highlands for the past decade, looks like it’s time for a trip!

Before we jump into the fun part, let’s take some time to appreciate that Genting Highlands did not appear magically overnight on the Titiwangsa Mountains. The idea of having a resort in the mountains was rather ambitious but it did not stop one man from materialising what is known today as “The City of Entertainment”. In the early 60s, Mr. Lim Goh Tong was then working on a hydro-electric power project at Cameron Highlands, a rather laid back resort hill and it was frequented mostly by British colonials seeking cool refuge from the tropical heat. From there, he held on to his ambitions to establish Genting Highlands. Subsequently, in the late 60s, the green light for the alienation of 12,000 acres and 2,800 acres of land from the Pahang and Selangor State Government was given and the construction of the first resort accommodation,  Highlands Hotel was in progress.

At present, the hotels that are part of the landscape of Genting Highlands are:

The Crockfords

Crockfords Genting
Courtesy of RW Genting.

Contained within Maxims Hotel, Crockfords is Genting Highland’s undisputed luxury accommodation. Unparalleled facilities and superb location combine to present a hotel experience like none other. Wake up to the hilly green landscape. Crockfords is where comfort meets style.

Well known for its nicely furnished and spacious room, we were told that the bed and duvet sheets were absolutely comfortable to sleep in. Despite the steep price per night, the experience you’ll get here is unparalleled.

Genting Grand Hotel

Courtesy of RW Genting

Located within the building where it holds the red neon Genting crest, Genting Grand Hotel serves as one of the 5-star hotels in the resort. This established hotel gives a sense of familiarity to the 90s kids who have visited Genting Highlands before the millennium.

The Maxims

Courtesy of RW Genting

Maxims Hotel is located in the centre of the establishment. Not only guests will get to enjoy the comfort of their rooms, entertainment, eateries, and shops are a short walk from the hotel lobby.

Last we heard, Nespresso machines are provided in these newly refurbished rooms!

Resort Hotel


Courtesy of RW Genting

Resort Hotel caters to business or leisure visitors alike. Resort Hotel’s spacious rooms are fuss-free and value for money too.

In a glance, the spacious rooms at Resort Hotel are complemented with a great view and if you’ve stayed here before, you’ve probably experienced the superb hospitality too!

First World Hotel

First World Hotel
Courtesy of RW Genting

Crowned the world’s largest hotel in 2015, First World Hotel is connected to First World Plaza which integrates a 500, 000 square feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre, and food outlets.

Rates for First World Hotel are the lowest among other hotels listed above but it’s fuss free staying here. Heated showers and WiFi, it’s definitely value for money we must say.

Book A Room Now

You probably have heard of Genting Highland’s opening of the SkyAvenue, a newly opened mall connected to First World Hotel. Dubbed the “Highest of all High Street”, We had a stroll around although there wasn’t much happening to it as most shops are still closed but we can’t wait until everything is all up and running. The ample ray of sunlight that shines on SkyAvenue’s concourse area casts line of shadows on Cafe Richard’s and the freshest selection of lobsters can be found at Burger and Lobsters.

Walking up to the top floor of SkyAvenue is the newly renovated cable car system that connects visitors from Awana Skyway Station to Genting Highlands. The new Awana Skyway boasts a top speed of 6 metres per second and is able to carry 3,000 passengers one way every hour. The 99 standard gondolas and 10 glass-floored gondolas can seat 10 and six passengers respectively. Their French-made cable cars now stand at 2.1 metres high instead of the previous 1.6 metres, allowing passengers to get in and out easily. The new cabins are now designed for better ventilation too!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.42.35 PM
Courtesy of RW Genting

Peeking out of the cable car cabin is the ongoing work of the much awaited 20th Century Fox Theme Park.

Courtesy of RW Genting

Announced in 2013, the RM2.5 billion theme park is set to open its doors late 2017. The 25-acre theme park is said to be opening in phases and is projected to be fully opened by 2018 or 2019.

How to get there:

Awana Skyway Cable Car

Directions: Head towards Gohtong Jaya and park your vehicle at the Awana Skyway parking lot.

$: RM8 for standard cabin and RM40 for glass floor cabin.


Directions: Take a bus from KL Sentral Station and take the escalator to the basement.

$-: RM12.30 per way


Directions: Need to rent a car? Choose from one of the pick up points nearest to you and take a 45 minutes journey to Genting Highlands.

$: RM99 per day.

Parking: Park at First World Hotel for free.

Uber or Grab

Directions: Book a ride from the above e-hailing service!

$: RM88-RM151 one way.

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia

Map: Click here

Call: (+603) 6101 1118

Contact: customercare@rwgenting.com

More to add? Let us know by commenting below!

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