How to workout without getting tired? Fitology answers your question!

Written by Edmund

We probably at some point in time, think of ways to get fit or want to lose weight without actually running the hell out of yourself on the treadmill. But let’s just say that there isn’t shortcut to fitness.

We are privileged to meet with the people behind Fitology a few weeks back to understand more about what Fitology is. “We make fitness accessible to all that even the injured and senior citizens would come workout at the gym”, shared Daniel, the co-founder of Fitology. The story of Fitology dates back all the way to June 2012, 5 years ago. Nestled along the hilly roads of Jalan Riong, the establishment houses also Crazy Monkey Defense, a mixed martial arts gym, and Nook, one of the pioneering co-working space in Malaysia.


Started by Daniel, Chui and Vince, Fitology holds the concept of fitness without fatigue. Its programs are personal, effective, and work towards one goal, which is to make fitness accessible to all, regardless young or old, amateur or professional. Chui explains that it is accessible in the sense that it is convenient and makes no reason for Fitology members to not workout. We were told that senior citizens benefit from the programs offered as it tailored to be less strenuous, keeping them mobile. To our surprise, their oldest member aged 84, frequents the gym at Bangsar!

Main Backdrop

But how is it possible to workout and not feel dead after?

In the conventional gyms, you’ll find a great collection of workout machines and free weights area for extensive workouts but at Fitology, workout machines consist of the essential ones. Members of Fitology are free to walk in the gym whenever they want or join any scheduled class at their own convenience.  So here’s the science (Caution: mindblowing stuff ahead). The threefold fitness concept of Fitology consists of exercise, detox and replenish. So, a typical session would start with members working out for a duration of 30 minutes, sweat out in the FIR (Far Infrared Ray) sauna after for a good 1 hour, and served a cup of smoothie to conclude one session. Interestingly, the Far Infrared Ray Sauna plays a crucial role in detoxing as it eliminates subdermal toxins in the process and it is proved to be quite effective in burning calories. Measured by a heart rate monitor, a 30-minutes workout complemented by a FIR sauna session can potentially burn up to 900 calories or more.


“Fitness has always been a singular cause but through this campaign, burning calories can improve the lives of the needy too.” Daniel.

Apart from personal fitness, Fitology have been actively running its charity campaign known as Calories-For-Calories where every calorie burned is recorded and subsequently converted to humanitarian aid.  This year, GoCar has partnered with Fitology in running its campaign and collectively, we’ve recorded a whopping 500,000 calories burned from both Fitology and GoCar members! Grateful for this initiative, the amount could potentially benefit at least 18 indigenous families in the interiors of Pahang. Great effort!

Last year, Fitology was appointed as official fitness partner for The Miss Universe Pageant and it was nothing less than success. Participants were under strict and rigorous routines and participants who were based out of Kuala Lumpur are monitored closely through videos by their respective trainers. Talk about dedication!

For this visit, we visited Fitology at their Bangsar branch but they are also available at The Intermark Kuala Lumpur! And if you wish to try out, trial is offered for RM80 at the Bangsar outlet and RM120 at The Intermark Kuala Lumpur. To sign up for Fitology trials, simply give the folks a call or drop an email.

As the fitness center expands, a new program called Cycology. The new cycling fitness program will be launched sometime in May where it will be based in Glo Damansara Petaling Jaya. Cycology by Fitology is a program engineered by cyclists, for cyclist and it is suitable for cyclist of all levels! Whether you’re a beginner, figuring out on how to cycle better or a seasoned cyclist, looking to improve your technics, Cycology is for you. Typically, a workout is measured by time elapsed or calories burnt but here at Cycology, the efficiency of training will be measured by power input. Sounds intense but we can’t wait to try out their new program!

Want to know more about Cycology before they launch? Write-in to!

The law of fitness is that “A person remains stationary on the couch, in front of the tele unless acted upon by a great sense of urgency to get in shape.”

Pssst… Need a car to drop by the Fitology gym? Reserve now!

Fitology Malaysia


Fitology@Bangsar: 9, Jalan Riong, Taman Bukit Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: +603 2201 4311

Fitology@The Intermark KL: Lot 2-01, The Intermark Mall, 348, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603 2181 8698

Be right back. Gone runnin’,

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