Random Food Store, Damansara Uptown: That One Random Cafe in PJ

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Written by Edmund

“Hey let’s meet at the Random Food Store!”

“At least tell me which one will ya, there are so many food stores around Damansara Uptown.”

Random Food Store!”

“Which one????”

And the search for Random Food Store goes on.

Home of the 2016 Barista Championship, Random Food Store in Damansara Uptown (Yes, the actual name) has garnered much attention and is no stranger to “cafe-hoppers” and coffee enthusiasts alike. Started off with a collaboration with Brats in Paramount Gardens Petaling Jaya, Keith Koay and his team was better known as One-Half and now, adding Random Food Store to the coffee map. Familiar to some, Keith didn’t just make things happen in a blink of an eye but rather, he started his journey at VCR cafe along Jalan Galloway and gradually triumphed to be who he is today.

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Conveniently seated in the locality of Damansara Uptown, this town centre is a hub for everything. From business spaces to serviced residences (Somerset by Ascott), this area is mainly dominated by eateries and cafes and choosing what to eat can be quite an issue (#firstworldproblems). The latest addition to the landscape of Damansara Uptown features Starling Mall, a 5-storey neighbourhood mall with a cinema (Operated by MBO Cinemas), gym (operated by Chi Fitness) and a sky garden. Movie after coffee sounds like a well-thought plan.


Almost like the frontage of those Amsterdam hanky-panky shops, the entrance is lit up by the red neon lights bearing the name of the cafe. Furnished with a long table like the one used for The Last Supper, patrons will have the chance to rub shoulders (literally) when it gets a little crowded in the shop.

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So how random is Random Food Store? We would like to think that latte and fried chicken包 (bao) is rather peculiar and random. To add on to the randomness, check out the window at the storefront for ice-cream! The kitchen, Bun Cit Bao Bar serves “Bao” (Chinese Steamed Buns) but it is not your typical steam buns you’ll find. Perhaps you may have come across such unorthodox steamed buns at Bao London within the vicinity of Soho. If you’ve sampled the Korean Fried Chicken Bao (RM9), sandwiched between the buns are crunchy fried chicken, topped with spicy sauce. Brace yourselves for a mini explosion of flavours in your mouth! With a menu of uniquely flavoured steam buns and desserts ranging from RM 9 to RM20, you’ll be sure to keep coming back till you’ve ordered everything on the menu.

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Home of the 2016 award-winning barista, guess it’s self-evident that coffee here will not disappoint. With a modest price tag of RM11 and mild acidity to its taste, the bold-bodied flat white is nothing less than pleasant to have during our visit to Random Food Store.

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Imagine those hands casting spells on your bao.

Fancy an ice cream after your meal? Check out the takeaway window at the front of the store. While the list of flavours isn’t much to shout about, but ice-cream on a hot day is absolutely perfect.

Random Food Store isn’t your typical “chasing lights” cafe but our visit here was rather unique. Friendly staffs, good coffee and spacious table, it was an afternoon well spent. Parking here in Damansara uptown can be quite chaotic but the best to do would be parking at The Starling Mall because not only you’ll save time, your first-hour parking is free!

Random Food Store

Address: 9, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hours:

Coffee Bar 0800 hours to 2230 hours (All Week)

Bun Cit Bao Bar (Kitchen): 1800 hours to 2230 hours. Closed on Tuesdays.

Contact: +60 3-7733 1277 

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Amsterdam Red-Light District

That’s all for our take on Random Food Store. Want to share your thoughts? Comment below!

Knock Yourselves Out,
Visuals by Edmund

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