A Taste of Copenhagen at Kopenhagen Coffee Mont Kiara.

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Translated as: “WE HAVE CANDIES”.

Written by Edmund

Nothing quite screams “WE ARE OPEN” than a handwritten placard at the window of Kopenhagen Coffee and this is quite the enthusiasm you might get from the coffee you’ll be having here. Nestled between the residential towers in Mont Kiara, this cafe has quietly snuck its way into the coffee scene and the amount of attention it has garnered is self-evident on social media feeds.

“Kopenhagen” refers to the Danish capital, Copenhagen and from the settings of the cafe, we quite see the resemblance between the two. Minimalism, functionality, and simplicity are part of the identity of Scandinavian designs and that’s what you’ll find here at Kopenhagen Coffee.

2017-02-04 02.35.32 1.jpg
Kopenhagen Coffee recognises the fact that people awake between 7am to 9am could use an extra cup of coffee.

Ascending the steps, attaining caffeinated-nirvana, the smell of coffee is absolutely heavenly. Trust us, climbing this flight of stairs is worth it.


Adequately spaced seatings are definitely what we need. With the ample sunlight shining in, morning coffee here is definitely a bonus. Working off-site? Not to worry because there are ample of power sockets lined-up by the tables.

The Coffee Phantom

Monochrome interiors, simple furnishings and nice people behind counters. How can you not fall in love with this place already?

Kopenhagen Coffee’s Meeting Room

Found a place to settle down and during this visit, we’ve had their latte (RM11) and banana slice (RM8). They serve some simple dishes from the kitchen (more to come along the way) and do give their baked goods a go!



Their latte didn’t disappoint. We felt that the body of the coffee was slightly bold and the smooth frothy latte struck a perfect balance between espresso and milk. Although slightly acidic, the sweetness of the milk blends in the taste rather well.

The banana slice here is the definition of well done. Well moistened texture, and it is commendable that the banana brought natural sweetness to the cake itself, paired together with some walnuts – “VOILA!”


Trust us, it didn’t take long for us to savour everything on the plate. Absolutely monsters.



Light-chasers, this is your playground.


We definitely had a splendid time here at Kopenhagen Coffee and we look forward to our next visit here. Can’t wait till we get our hands on their flaky croissants and carrot slice soon!

If you are driving here, enter the parking lot located before the entrance into Vista Kiara Condominium. Sometimes the gates may be closed but do wait patiently as the security guard walks over to open the gate for you.

Kopenhagen Coffee, Mont Kiara

Where: Vista Kiara, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri: 0700-1900 hours

Sat: 0900-1900 hours

Contact: +603-6211-6363 or hello@kopenhagencoffee.com

2017-02-05 03.09.32 1.jpg

That’s all for our trip to Copenhagen Kopenhagen Coffee. Think we’ve missed out something? Holler at us or drop us a comment! 🙂


Edmund C. (@edmundevansc)

Visuals by @edmundevansc

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