#GoCarCulture: The Humans of GoCar

Written by Edmund

The humble beginnings of GoCar go back as far as a year ago where our first work mule, a Perodua Viva, started serving our members at Shaftsbury Residence, Cyberjaya.

With our recent partnership with Warisan Tan Chong, to date, managing almost 50 GoCars on the road (and counting) would take a dedicated team to ensure the smooth running of our car-sharing initiative. From a one-man army to a core team of nine, everyone at the GoCar HQ plays a vital role. You’re probably curious about who are these people handling your phone calls, upkeeping the wellbeing of vehicles for your comfort, attending to you on our Facebook chat. To let you have a hint about the humans of GoCar, they have answered 3 spontaneous so here it goes!

TJ Tan (Founder and Managing Director)

The main man who single-handedly brought GoCar to life and senior visual design specialist by profession.



Question 1: Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. What were your initial thoughts about leaving your comfort zone in Australia to start something uncertain in Malaysia?

I did not see it as entrepreneurial endeavour, but more of a potential and opportunity as the transportation landscape in KL was shifting with the arrival of ride-sharing services along with MRT and LRT expansion. Making the leap from my comfy job at Westfield to forming my own venture was like a calling — the only challenging part was the move out of my apartment, along with consolidating my belongings that I hoarded over the years.



Question 2: How would you describe a perfect weekend?

If I can discover something new. It could be a new cuisine, cafe, bars or place.



Question 3: If there’s one thing (except your work computer) you could save from the office in the event of a fire, what would it be?

I would check for everyone to be safe. If there’s more time, my phone!

Alan Cheah (Chief Operations Officer)

The team leader behind every partnership and corporate relations, and also the “emotion stabiliser” of the office.



Question 1: You are always in solid coloured tees and jeans. Is there a reason behind this or just a personal preference?

Inspired by Mark and Steve, you have to make so many decisions in a day, you don’t want to waste your brainpower to think about what you should wear for the day. Use it on important decisions. Try to automate and minimise daily decisions as not to waste precious time on it.


Question 2: You deal very much with business developments affairs and forming new corporate relations. What do you bring along with you in your bag when you go out to “capture the flag”?

My notebook to take down notes and it shows to potential networks that I am hearing what they say. Name cards for obvious reasons and it is a good conversation starter since our name card is so small. A well-prepared value added proposal catered to their needs, and my kick-ass personality for the day 😉



Question 3: If there is a quote that would motivate your team members, what would it be?

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it”

Sai (Resident Web Developer)

Works his magic in the darkroom of GoCar HQ. From making cars unlock by itself to making sure your app is functional, he’s the man.


Operations and Fleet

Cheryll Wong (Head of Department)

The iron lady in the office that keeps things running and checked.



Question 1: What is your definition of #CarGoals and why?

Tesla, because it’s an electric car that offers just enough luxury and technology to justify its high pricing. Can you believe it goes from zero to sixty miles per hour in under 3 seconds? Not to mention, the fact that it’s pioneered by Elon Musk who’s THE real life Tony Stark who’s pushing forth Nikola Tesla’s invention of electricity. That in itself merits a tribute.


Question 2: Best place to be right now and why?

The best place to be right now is “now”. I’m taking a more philosophical approach because I think more than ever I have come to appreciate the ability to “be mindful” and “to be in the now”. When you set your mind to work on things that matter to you, “now” is everything and you appreciate what little free time you have to do the things you enjoy like read a book or getting to know someone new or to reconnect with a loved one. Even long dreary car rides can be enjoyable if you pop on an interesting podcast and expand your mind. How’s that for food for thought?



Question 3: What is one cause you would fight for?

I would fight against absolute morality because absolute morality spans across every issue there is and if we were to solve this, we are essentially solving most issues surrounding humanity. Namely, ignorance. (of course, that’s a bit of wishful thinking).

Even though I don’t believe in a one size fits all rule, I do understand that certain entities do have to take a firm political stance to avoid cherry picking. For example, the pro choice or pro life scenario. Even though you pick a stance, every case should be approached differently.

I believe society would benefit from morality that is well thought out, reasoned, argued and discussed based upon the kind of society we want to live in. The reason why we are so far removed from slavery and are getting closer to solving gender equality is because of consensus of reasoning, sober discussion and argument, legal theory, and political and moral philosophy. This is a war that we should keep fighting for.


Zim Yeow (Fleet and Operations Executive)

He’s data hungry and he’ll be sure to scavenge every digit on the sheet.


Question 1: You’re the newest member of GoCar. Why GoCar?

Working in a startup, you’re able to bring your ideas and bring quick change to a company. It also challenges you to think faster and creative ways of problem-solving with limited resources and time.

Question 2: Best lunch time spot?

No, it’s a hidden spot! NEVER!



Question 3: Favourite music genre? 

Video game soundtrack  (Nobuo Uematsu, Jack Wall) or film score (Henry Jackman, Hans Zimmer).

Marketing and Business Development


Ashley Chew (Head of Department)

The happy pill in the office. Always getting things done in the most positive way possible.



Question 1: Do you always bring 2 bottles to work? We’re curious about its contents

Oh yeah, that’s really observant! Most of the days I will bring 2 bottles to work, one will be my water bottle and another will be my mini flask. I will drink H20 and ginger water throughout the day even though it is not my favourite drink. Reason being is that my dad is an avid follower of origin point medicine and it teaches you the numerous benefits of drinking ginger water. The fact that I have a weaker body by nature, I have been drinking ginger water for the past 5 months, 4 to 5 days a week. I now no longer feel cold easily as it has a warming effect and it stimulates circulation.



Question 2: You’ve been a fitspiration to us at the office. What is your strategy to losing weight and what is your current workout routine?

I have been following @sherlyn_fitness in Instagram since a year back and she has been working out using @kayla_itsines #BBG program. Her body progress is amazing. You guys should check her out! Since then, I started following the other avid Malaysian BBG followers — @sunflower_bbg, @jessica91fitness in Instagram, just to name a few and they motivated me to start exercising using Kayla’s guide book. I started working out religiously since December 2015, 3 times a week with a mix of HIIT and LISS exercises. After 2 to 3 months, my friends and teammates begin to see the difference in me – flatter tummy, toned and less flabby! But of course, it is always about 80% diet and 20% workout.



Question 3: Next holiday plans?

“Maybe Mongolia or Bhutan! I love visiting countries with beautiful scenery from majestic waterfalls, and lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders. Get the chance to explore New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, China, France, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Korea. Can’t wait to see what’s next for me. Adventure awaits!”


Joelle Chew (Marketing Executive)

Copywriting ninja and forever getting things done.



Question 1: Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

I like my coffee dark and my alcohol strong, like my soul.

Question 2: Being an avid writer, what do you usually write about?

I write about anything that comes to mind, finding words to build a narrative and tell a story. People fail to realise how important the art of storytelling is, and that writing is an avenue to finding your voice. Most of my written pieces are about sharing personal experiences, growing pains, hitting milestones in life, and my perspectives on them — the only difference is in the writing styles I experiment with. I started off with writing about 500 to 800 words on my blog when I was 14. Recently, I challenged myself to publish shorter poetry-like writings on Instagram that doesn’t really adhere to any literary forms. There is nothing earth shattering about breaking the rules, but there is something liberating about creative freedom.



Question 3: Would you consider yourself a workaholic or otherwise?

If you do what you love for a living, chances are you’ll invest your time and emotions to it because you’re doing something you believe in. It will be your purpose to look forward to get out of bed every morning. It will be more than just a job. Eventually, it becomes part of who you are as well. That’s the case for me. So the answer is no because I’m a social media junkie and part of my job requires me to be on Facebook and Instagram a lot (don’t be fooled, it’s not an easy task!).


Deeb Fauzallah (Graphic and Visual Designer)

Infographics and designs, she has everything under her sleeves.



Question 1: You have made known to everyone in the office that you’re an animal lover. Which animal have you adopted at home is your ultimate favourite?

Yes, you got it right! My backyard is like a mini zoo. Obviously, my cat is my number one but… I can’t say no to my one and only monkey, rabbit and iguana too. Well, let’s just say all animals I adopted get equal love from me. Each of them has a very unique personality, too.

Question 2: If you could acquire one new skill now to switch professions, what would it be?

Definitely a Fashion Designer or Makeup Artist (MUA). Actually, both are somewhat related to arts too. To me, fashion gives you soul — your attire and look are ways to say who you are without having to speak for yourself.”



Question 3: Constantly staying home Netflix/iflix all day or constantly out for retail therapy?

“Hmm… I must say I rarely stay at home 24/7 because… when I do nothing I easily get bored and my day will not be productive enough. But not all the time I go out and hang out, sometimes I want “my time” by watching a movie and  spending my leisure in a quiet room watching movie series or the tv watching me.”


Edmund Choon (Resident Writer and Blogger)

I write, I shoot, and I drink (coffee).



Question 1: Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Defo! It provides room for different interpretations and it sometimes translates the intention of the photographer. Apart from that, it’s a really good reason for me to tell my supervisor when I fall short of word count for my blog posts.

Question 2: How honest are you?

Hmm… yeah…


Question 3: How often do you spend time doing photography and what are your gears?

Well, pretty much everyday. I have my trusty Samsung Alpha mobile phone with me and whatever that interests me, I’ll start shooting. On some days when I plan to photoshoot, I’ll have the Fujifilm X-A1 with me. Cafe visits, touristy visits to the city, I’ll be sure to have my gears with me.

Have more questions to ask about us? Drop us a question at hello@gocar.my!

Edmund (@edmundevansc)

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